June 10th through the 14th ( or 15th )

See the maps on the bottom

(If the days are too long there are short cuts for every day)

Day 1 Through Globe, Payson, Lake Mary's Road, Flagstaff and stay in Marble Canyon.

Day 2 Marble Canyon, Kanab, Cedar Breaks, Panguitch, Escalante to Torry. 

Day 3 Torry to Fish Lake, Fairview, Huntington,  Green River and on to Grand Junction . 

Day 4 rand Junction down CO 141 through Gateway, Telluride, Cortez. Some went on to Holbrook. Lewie to Bluff. 

Day 5 Home

Total 5 days and 1875 miles. 

Along on the trip was Steve Cantrill, Pete Duryea, Chet Gandy, Keith Hollcroft, Paul Kieffer, Craig Littlefield, Lewie Marshall, Hienz & Eva Patten, Mike Shaffer, Wil Smith, Kelly & Aurora Spicer and Dave Swain. 

Photos by Lewie, Mike ,  Keith, Eva, Kelly, Craig and Steve

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 

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