Annual SEAT car ride

Saturday November 20th

We met in Catalina. We drove AZ77 to Globe stopping at the overlook at the top of the hill on 77. We had a short stop at the Speedway station in Glabe and then continued on to the view points at the Roosevelt Dam. We return to lunch at  Ffinch's Waterfront Kitchen and Bar for lunch. We came home through Superior and stopped in Winkelman. 

The following SEAT members were there:

Mike & Vicki Brewer                         BMW M330ci EHP Convertable

Ross Carrol                                       Audi TTS

Dave & Carol Delie                           M240 BMW

Dan & Sharon Fisher                       Audi A5 Cabriolet

Sam & Pat Halgren                          Porsche 911 Carerra Cabriolet

Mark & Shirley Harding             Ffinch's Waterfront Kitchen and Bar for lunch.        911 Porsche

Paul & Jeanette Kieffer                   Mazda Miata

Craig & Jan Littlefield                      Porsche Boxster

Allen & Sheri Martini                       Audi A5 convertible 

Al Maurine                                        Modified Subaru Crosstrek

Heinz & Eva Platten                         C7 Corvette

Wil Smith                                          Corvette  

Kurt & Kolleen Weber                      911 Porsche Carrera S.

Photos by Craig and Mark

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